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      Vendors at 2024 MACT Summer Show  
 Timbuk Farms  
Granville, Ohio
July 19 - 20, 2024

  Updated 04/16/2024

    Canaan Fir Tree Company

                Dave & Bev Keener                                     2030 Timbuk Rd

              Granville, OH 43023



All sizes of our Canaan Fir, are grown from seed from the Ohio Grafted Orchard-OGO!! This orchard was established twenty-one years ago by Dr. James Brown at The Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center located in Wooster Ohio and is now producing seed. Dr. Brown selected the best of the parent trees from the orchard to provide scions for grafting this new orchard. We estimate a significant upgrade in desirable traits from this new source. Plus, we think there is some improvement in needle retention as well.

                   Fraser Knoll LLC


Product:  Tools and supplies for the professional Christmas tree grower, retailer and wreath maker.

We sell equipment and supplies for the green industry, primarily the Christmas tree industry. We will do everything possible to keep the prices low and to ensure that we have the lowest prices.  We have been providing quality products and service for 75 years now.  Take a look around our web site.  Look at our catalog of products and see how they can help both the commercial grower or retailer. 


  Jorgen Kaehlershoj
           011 45 40 420 720

Product:  We have specialized in the development and production of special tractors. Most of them are used for the maintenance of Christmas trees, but we also build tractors for spray tests, nurseries, and other special crops. In addition to our wide range of machinery we have a comprehensive experience in the development and manufacture of customized solutions.

                  Northern Pines Nursery

                         Scott Powell 

Northern Pines Nursery has expanded to include one-year and two-year plug production and is an innovator in the industry.  Northern Pines is led by a dedicated team focused on providing the highest quality that has become not only our name, but who we are to our core.  We continue to meet the needs of Christmas tree growers and other customers throughout the United States who came to expect the highest quality seedlings and transplants from Northern Pines Nursery.

Northwoods Evergreen &               Wire Company

                 Chris & Jon Schultz                                      W3125 Center Rd.

                    Merrill, WI 54452


We sell and manufacture garland and wreath production equipment.  On top of that we are the nation's largest supplier of wreath rings, ribbon, picks and decorating supplies.  We also carry a large selection of ARS, Felco and Sharp Edge pruning supplies, along with netting, twine, colorants and anything else tree related.

Reliable Source Seeds & Transplants

  Beth Ann Bossio
          PO Box 4183           
Morgantown, WV 26504

Product:  Reliable Source, a Jim Rockis company, is about providing the highest quality Christmas Tree seed, Christmas Trees, transplants, and tree seed processing equipment



Keep in mind the MACT meeting is an excellent time to preorder supplies to save on shipping costs.  

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