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  • Networking with Growers and Vendors

  • Bi-Annual Newsletter

  • Summer Trade Show

    • Industry leaders share information and insights

    • Stock up on supplies for the upcoming season​

    • Save Shipping, pre-order your supplies



  • To foster inter-state activities and interchanges on a planned and continuous basis.   

  • To provide our members with the most up-to-date information on techniques, tools, resources, and ideas related to the Christmas tree industry.

  • To provide participating states with added attractions for its members and give our members a chance to see what is happening with the industry in other states.

  • To provide an annual trade show for the largest possible assemblage of Christmas tree growers and industry vendors in the Midwest. Affording our members the opportunity to observe, try out, and be exposed to the latest materials and equipment related to the Christmas tree industry.

  • To provide opportunities to learn from members from other states. 

Snowy Night

Founded in 1981


A Non-Profit Organization

Christmas Tree Farm
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