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Mid America Christmas Tree Association, (MACT) 
2024 Summer Meeting

Timbuk Tree Farm
Granville, OH
July 19 & 20, 2024

Timbuk Farms began in 1952 as a Christmas tree farm. At the time the dream of a Christmas tree farm became a reality for the original owners, the Schmidt family, Granville was quite remote from Columbus. A drive to the farm from the family home in Columbus was like a trip to Timbuktu. That is how the farm got its name, shortened and simplified to Timbuk Farms.

The farm continues to be one of Central Ohio’s oldest and largest Christmas tree farms. Timbuk Farms is operated by Jim and LaVonda Gibson of Granville, Ohio. They both have a strong knowledge base of the horticultural industry and through the use of new technologies and automation are dedicated to producing the highest quality products. The Timbuk Farms name reflects the ties to the rich tradition and hospitality of the tree farm and the new energy and commitment to service and quality in the entire farm and greenhouse business.  We are looking forward to working with Dave, LaVonda, Bev and Dave to make this a great event! 


Keep in mind for next year, the MACT meeting is an excellent time to preorder supplies to save on shipping, which many members did.

There will be Friday night entertainment so what a great reason to have dinner and make an evening of it.  The band, Off The Charts will play that evening.  Hope everyone can stay the whole day on Friday!  

Timbuk Image.jpg

Closer Than You Think:  

St. Louis, MO - 457 miles/ 6 hours 54 minutes

Springfield, IL - 422 miles / 6 hours 28 minutes

Chicago, IL - 349 miles/ 6 hours 

Indianapolis, IN - 214 miles/ 3 hours 19 minutes

Evansville, IN - 363 miles / 5 hours 36 minutes

Louisville, KY - 244 miles / 4 hours

Detroit, MI - 210 miles / 3 hours 30 minutes

Cincinnati, OH - 145 miles/ 2 hours 20 minutes

Columbus, OH - 45 miles / 40 minutes

Wheeling, WV - 115 miles / 2 hours

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